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Breaking Down Retractable & Fixed Sunrooms

Benefits of Retractable & Fixed Sunrooms

Sunrooms of Connecticut’s retractable and fixed sunrooms greatly enhance residential outdoor spaces and allow for year-round use. Homeowners cannot use their outdoor patios, hot tubs, swim spas, pools, etc. when the weather turns. Why would you want to miss out on using your valuable outdoor area when you could use it year-round, rain or shine?

Difference Between a Retractable vs. Fixed Sunroom

Sunrooms can be customized to be retractable or fixed. A retractable sunroom opens and closes and can be motorized or individually cranked. This option allows you to have both an indoor and outdoor room simultaneously. The custom sunroom closes in moments when the weather turns poor. A fixed sunroom does not open. Both options allow for homeowners to utilize their outdoor space year-round and experience and outdoor ambiance in any weather condition.

Why Every Home Needs a Sunroom

Sunrooms of Connecticut sunrooms are perfect for multi-functional use! Your outdoor space can transform into an indoor space in seconds, while painting the outdoor ambiance year-round. That would guarantee year-round use of your patio, hot tub and/or pool. Sunrooms also add an aesthetic appeal that will bring light and beauty into your home! Sunrooms of Connecticut sunrooms are the perfect addition to any space. Call or email Sunrooms of Connecticut today at (203) 393-7292 or to get a quote!

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