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Backyard Entertainment Year-Round!

What are Fixed & Retractable Sunrooms?

Residential fixed and retractable sunrooms are for outdoor patio, pool, hot tub and garden spaces. These four season rooms allow for year-round use of your home’s outdoor space. Also, retractable sunrooms open and close manually or via motorization. The sunroom closes in seconds when the weather becomes inclement. In conclusion, the glass patio rooms allow for an outdoor ambiance, whether fixed or retractable.

Benefits of Residential Sunrooms

-Sunrooms transform outdoor pools and patios and allow for year-round use of the valuable outdoor pool and patio space.

-The sunroom adds space and natural light to your home.

-It is secure in all weather conditions.

-The rooms are climate controlled.

-The retractable sunroom opens and closes in moments and keeps out moisture and drafts.

-Retractable and fixed enclosures can be fully customizable to fit your home’s space.

-You can enjoy your pool and/or outdoor patio year-round.

-Fixed sunrooms can be pre-fabricated with ease of assembly!

-Pre-fabricated kits available. 

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