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tex 90 patio Franklin (5).JPG
tex 90 patio Franklin (3).JPG
Patio with kitchen (2).JPG
Patio with kitchen (1).JPG
Moulton Patios (12).jpg
Moulton Patios (6).jpg
Moulton Patios (8).jpg
Moulton Patios (10).jpg
Man Cave (2).jpg
Man Cave (1).jpg
KJ Fairview 3.jpg
KJ Fairview 1.jpg
KJ Fairview 2.jpg
Dineen Open.JPG
Dineen Half.jpg
Dineen Down.jpg
Deck (1).jpg
Deck (2).jpg
Back Porch with Columns.jpg
Back Porch with Columns (2).jpg
Back Patio (1).jpg
38 Guer8.JPG
90 degree corner (4).JPG
90 degree corner (3).JPG
90 degree corner (1).JPG
38 Guer3.JPG
38 Guer1.JPG
38 Guer2.JPG
24ft unit.jpg
Magnatrack Screens: Res Gallery


Three Brothers Wineries Magnatrack Screens
Three Brothers Wineries Magnatrack Screens
Three Brothers Wineries Magnatrack Screens
Three Brothers Wineries Magnatrack Screens
Commercial Restaurant (7).JPG
Commercial Restaurant (9).JPG
Commercail install (3).JPG
Commercial Restaurant (3).JPG
Commercial install  (5).jpg
Commercial restaurants (2).JPG
Del Frisco's Orlando.JPG
Commercial restaurants (1).JPG
Commercial Restaurant (10).JPG
Magnatrack Screens: Comm Gallery

Features & Benefits

  • Extruded aluminum housing, tracks, and weight bar for durability.

  • Stainless steel fasteners means no rust.

  • WE’RE GOING GREEN! Solar screens reduce UV rays and keep cooling and heating costs to a minimum!

  • Super heavy weight bar for smooth operation and no hang ups when coming down.

  • Felt pile under weight bar seals better against grout lines, pavers, and uneven surfaces.

  • Vinyl coated screen materials can be easily cleaned and are more resistant to breakage.

  • Double stitched zippers on all 4 sides of screen for strength, durability, and complete insect control.

  • Double felt system on inside of hood cover and back of hood brushes off dirt and debris, and keeps unwanted insects from crawling from the outside in.

  • Powder coated aluminum ensures no chipping, peeling, or bubbling of the paint.

  • Coated coil smaller zipper means continuous feed into the tracks and quiet operation.

  • Units plug directly into a 11o volt outlet, meaning no hard wiring or electricians required.

  • Stylish and modern accessories to accommodate every type of install.

  • Manufactured up to 25′ wide and 16′ tall!

  • Interfaces (dry contact and RTS) allow motorization via home automation systems with the touch of a button.

Featues & Benefits
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